Taekwondo, Martial Arts Uniforms and Gear

If you are currently looking for top quality taekwondo uniforms, sparring gear or sparring equipment, consider the convenience of ordering online. Several online stores are offering martial arts products for the amateur and professional alike. However, since a myriad of martial arts shops are now populating the web, each claiming as the number one one-stop shop for martial arts equipment and accessories, finding the right sparring gear and gloves can be puzzling, especially if you do not know what exactly to look for. I hope some of the information here will be helpful in your search. To be able to train in Taekwondo you do not initially need much in the way of equipment.  You will need your own dobok, or taekwondo uniform, and you will earn your belts as you progress through your grading syllabus and pass each grade level. One of the first things I bought after a dobok was proper Taekwondo shoes for the comfort and added benefit of warmth in a cold winter dojang. At some point though as you progress you will most likely want to invest in your own sparring gear.  There are a number of different things you can buy, but if you want to compete in competitions you will need: a head guard, sparring gloves, sparring feet, gum shield, and if you are male a groin guard.  You can also get shin protectors, arm protectors and chest guards.

If you are setting up your own club you will most likely want to invest in Taekwondo equipment that will aid your pupils.  This can include a wooden horse (to practice breaking), plastic breaking boards and wood breaking boards.  It will also be useful to have focus shields and focus paddles for your students to use whilst practicing sparring techniques. You can also get additional, optional equipment such as ankle supports, knee supports, elbow supports, training bras, training tops (to wear under your dobok) and Taekwondo books or DVDs to help with your studies. This is by no means an exhaustive list but hopefully it should provide you with an indication of the different Taekwondo equipment that is essential and those that you will find useful.

Adidas Champion II Taekwondo Dobok with Black V Neck
Adidas Champion II Taekwondo Dobok with Black V Neck

Let’s talk about what to look for in buying a taekwondo dobok or martial arts uniform:

  • Check with your teacher or with your school (dojang) to see if there are any types of uniforms required or restrictions on types or colours when it comes to uniforms that are suggested.
  • Check as to how much the material weighs. You might want to wear light weight cotton uniforms when it is summer as the heavy ones, although they look good, might make you overheat if you wear it in summer.
  • Do not expect the light-weight taekwondo uniforms to be as durable as the heavy ones.